Support BSG

Dues Scheme for Members

Burma Studies Group needs your support! BSG approved in 2019 a dues scheme for members ($20 for full members and $10 for students) which can be paid here.

The dues scheme pays for:

  • helping Burmese students and graduate students in Burma studies defray travel costs to conferences,
  • supplies the prize money for our new John Okell paper prize,
  • pays for website hosting costs,
  • and also (pending approval at the upcoming meeting) will support prospective Burmese graduate students with their application fees (including TOEFL tests).

All that for only $20! (and you can pay more if you like, of course!)

Your donation is fully tax-deductible for IRS purposes, and you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation that you can use for tax purposes. Please allow 30 days for mailed donations to be processed.

You can donate to BSG by check or credit card.

By check:
Please make your check payable to “Association for Asian Studies” and mail the check and a completed donation form to:

Megan Ryan, BSG Treasurer
6015 Spirit Street apt. 113
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

By credit card:
Please visit AAS Committee donation page. The button “Make Committee Payments/Donations” will lead you to a list of AAS councils and committees. From there, scroll down & click the button “-> Donate” under Burma Studies Group to donate to BSG. After you complete the on-line payment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please forward this to BSG Treasurer Megan Ryan ( with a statement that your donation is intended to support the BSG Travel Fund.